High School Memories of a Broken Heart
by: A Broken Hearted

How can I, Susan, ever forget,
For loving the Guy four years I have met.
His love will I ever get?
Him to painfully go, how could I let?

I could still remember the first day,
I could never forget the words he did say.
My love for him grew deeper everyday,
Beside him, I always wanted to stay.

A year went on, he was still my classmate,
Rejoiced I was for such fate.
To tell him my feelings, I could not make,
I guess I'll have to wait for the chances to take.

The next year came, another section he was,
The distance became farther between the both of us.
No longer could I see him in class,
I don't know how long will this last.

Then was High School's last year,
Came out one of the things I did fear,
Only could I shed a tear,
But could not come to him near.

This time, he's already taken,
The news have made me weaken.
In choosing him, have I mistaken?
For my love, he had forsaken.

The JS Prom that year was a failure,
He didn't danced with me for sure.
Like the poem, "The Prom Nightmare", but not that pure,
For I am still searching for a cure.

During that night, he didn't gave me a chance,
He instead asked other girls for a dance,
I could only take a simple glance,
To the person who didn't gave me just once.

What would vanish is the Pain,
But the scars would still remain.
Love of my life, will I ever gain?
For I am still waiting in vain.