To the Teacher he Loved


I have a story to tell,

It’s about a friend in love who fell.

To a teacher he admired very well,

Who made his very own heart swell.


This teacher he loved has her own beauty,

Smooth skin… very creamy.

What my buddy likes most is her being lovely,                                            

Even though he knows she’s twice of his age already.


My friend told me about the person he is dreaming,

At first, I thought he was kidding.

After some reasons, I started believing,

That in his life,” she”, the one who’s missing.


Sometime I asked my friend,

“She’s twice your age, you can’t blend.”

What if time comes, will it end?”

He responded, “Change on my looks for will I not tend.”


Time passed, my friend called me on the phone,

“Pal, I seem to feel alone,

My love, my fantasy has already someone,

I think this guy is handsome!”


Told him, “Wasn’t your fault if he’s tonight’s winner

In fact, there are other girls you can take out for dinner

You did not just deserve for her

Guess that guy of her is a good lover...”


Whenever in the campus we meet,

Putting the JS Prom in conversation makes him grit.

For it was the night he didn’t want to admit,

As a matter of fact, on that same night, he did weep...


Where love ended and where it begun

We must always accept what has been done

When time comes and great things are gone

We must always remember that life must go on…