Take This Kiss...Raymond?

Oh how lovely is my first dance,
Just can't take off a glance.

Speech I have memorized so symbolic,
To tell my partner, my Lovely Angelique.

Raymond Nepomuceno. is my name,
And there's nothing there to blame

Escorted to the stage my beautiful partner,
A first step of becoming a lover

That night, at the stage I stood,
Not even thinking about the food.

As our presentation begun,
Never in the sky appeared the sun.

I told her," Take this book..."
Then she spoken some words before she did took.

In a sweet voice she said, "Take this Kiss..."
Wow! This is something I won't miss.

The Book I handed to her did land,
As I took the kiss I felt something in my hand.

Why have you fooled me, my ears!
Should this night end up in tears?

"Keys" was the word I have misheard,
Maybe I'm old, do you think I'm growing a beard.

Now that my heart is swollen,
I'll just spend my night in the house of Alem.

I've got nothing to say more than
I'll then forget everything after I vomit...