The Prom Nightmare


ix young men in pain,

One night almost caused them to be insane.

For their love will they ever gain?

Because things arenít always the same.


Gian is the name of the first guy

In which he want to die.

I'll tell that later, donít ask me why,

He's dismayed by two girls, L-------- and ---ay.


A tall and smart guy Eric is,

Almost have gotten his most awaited bliss.

If it wasn't for his friend who interrupted his "Miss",

He should have gotten his last dance with a kiss.


Well, thatís part of our hormone.

BTW, this is Tyrone

Who had a different situation

Which means the Prom Night was his satisfaction.


The prom night wasn't that wild

Just like our friend Roy who got wild

The prom night proved that he was no longer a child

However, his heart got exiled.


Anyone heard of a heartthrob heartbroken?

Well, this guy's name is Raymond N.

Who hadn't got a last dance a minute before eleven,

Too bad, she's already taken!


There's one young man named Alemars,

Whose house obtained many scars,

Where his friends stayed up for long hours

On the night full of stars


In Alemar's house they spent their night,

Trying to forget the things they sight.

Even though as well as they might,

They still couldn't help but fight.


After watching a movie came he fun,

It's sill dark, there's no sun.

Tyrone got asleep, he's gone,

While Gian aggressively drank some.


As the night went on before dawn,

A lot of drinking went on and on

Except for Roy, Eric and Tyrone,

Who stayed sober while getting along.


Gian, feeling sorry, had the most juice,

As if he challenged himself and ended up with a truce.

Being intoxicated and all,

Whom neither of us had a ball.


Gian long w/ Raymond puked simultaneously,

As Roy and the others laughed with glee.

They messed up Alemar's place carefree,

Our inflated bed got stained w/ puke's debree.


Lying on the couch, Gian was the first

To give up to the intoxicating drink

He messed the couch pretty bad

Good thing Alem' didn't become mad.


Gian still needed assistance from the others and Eric

As they felt afraid someone would find out

What crime Gian had committed

That evidences may arise be indicated


It was a horrible sight to see him soaked in his own vomit

I'd really want to stay away. Damnit!

We had to carry him to the bathroom

His face is much the remnants of gloom


Next was Raymond lying beside me,

Man, it sure wasnít pretty

Unexpected to vomit suddenly

Good thing he was good at dodging debree


In the bathroom there it was,

The climax from all Raymondís stomach fuzz.

Puke vomited he had unleashed ,

Fury was released like the beast.


Then after that was Gian again,

Saying his crushís beloved name.

When he didnít have an opportunity to dance with L_______ _______o,

Kept on blaming what he didnít do.


It was up to Roy and Eric,

To comfort the broken hearted.

As Tyrone sound asleep in bed,

Having no care as if heís dead.


They both had a hard time in caring for them,

But it was a learning experience.

Our bond had become even tighter,

This proved to be a good thing.


Almost all of us stood up all night till four,

It was time for Gian to get back to sleep in the floor.

The guy with vomit and all,

Was lying on the as if he had to brawl.


Roy didnít had any proper sleep,

So did Eric coz of Gianís weep.

We all had taken a sad trip,

Almost all of us went flip.


Reminiscing the night before,

Doesnít bring altogether bore.

We may never speak this misfortune anymore,

Down to this storyís very core.


Maybe someday someone would discover this,

It may not bring them eternal bliss.

But they may learn from this,

That they shouldnít go to our waterloo and abyss.


This may give a good example to other people.

Telling them about an unfortunate fall.

This wasnít meant to be at all,

Things got a little bit out of control.


There are more words that could describe this endure,

To whom who ever will read, itíll end w/ valor.

The future is waiting next door,

For this poem is sure to be asked for...